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Gettin’ weird with it. #dissection #biology #nofrogswereharmed
Willem Dafoe by Jeannette Montgomery Barron
kickassbluegrass replied to your post “send all of your weird female acquaintances and friends to me”
por que?
so we can talk and laugh and laugh and share lives of course

send all of your weird female acquaintances and friends to me


"I have a neck injury so I had to tone it down this year."


Baffling Balloon Behavior

Not only does Destin have one of the best YouTube channels on this fair planet, but he is also a wizard. 

Just kidding, he just has an eye for science in everyday life. In the latest Smarter Every Day, Destin and his two adorable assistants make a helium-filled balloon do something very, very strange inside their accelerating minivan. So strange, in fact, that you might feel like his family car is a secret portal to a land where physics is broken.

Here’s an idea: After Destin shows you the trick, pause the video for a few minutes and see if you can figure out what’s going on. Then, if you don’t understand or agree with his explanation, head on over to Reddit to continue the discussion!


That’s all I don’t think of you that often


to avoid panic attacks, i often stare at “bad” makeup and wonder if they did it on purpose. i mean i love orange cheeks. i love bad contour jobs. contour is so hard to do so when people clearly are just like yolo it’s very endearing to me. also eyeliner — when something isn’t sharp ‘enough’ it’s more of a little loop, a messy little squiggly line, i find that charming. bad makeup reminds me of good beginnings and intentional returns. good fortune to you. don’t listen 2 the rules. 

i saw a girl with brown lipstick today and i wanted to kiss her so badly, what a villain. what a girl

"Let the night in, baby, not the dark"

- Jason Molina


old man


This is me.

My itty bitty baby brother.